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***** Anouncement****
The Freestyle Group is proud to announce the purchase of AA Skips from 1 September 2018. This  businesses is a great synergy with current operations and will add considerable capacity.

Freestyle Skips now operate 2 x 5 ton  & 1 x 8 ton skip loader trucks as well as a 3 ton skip loader trailer, handeling a total of 62 skip bins.
mini skips is the ideal way to get rid of your unwanted materials at home. Building rubble after a renovation, Garden greens after a clean up. After your move to your dream home a skip is ideal to collect all the carboard and wrapping from the move. 
At your business Freestyle skips is thr answer remove waste generated in your business process, whether it is waste from manufacturing, packaging, materials, redundant solids, general waste and much more.
Please note the complete Terms and Conditions of skip rental on the following page.
All waste is disposed of in accordance with JHB city regulations.

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Freestyle Skips Pricing:
Size                  Price per lift         skip stay on site to fill(days)       Rental for extra days on site
2 Cube                R 700.00                          3                                               R 100.00
3 cube                R 950,00                           3                                               R 100.00
6 cube              R 1700.00                           3                                              R 100.00                                                                                

2 & 3 cube skips are delivered via a  ton truck and 4 & 6 cube is delivered via a 6 ton truck. Note that the 6 ton truck is not allowed into residential complexes due to weight limitations.
Call us now on  010 010 5952, 011 797 9303 or 083 307 6902