Skip Rental: Terms & conditions-Freestyle Group

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Skip Rental: Terms & conditions


1.1 These conditions apply to all agreements for the supply of services by Freestyle Skips, a  division of Freestyle Group Pty Ltd and supersede any previous terms and conditions.  No additions or modifications to or terms inconsistent with these conditions shall be binding upon Freestyle Group unless specifically agreed in writing.
1.2 Freestyle Group may require a credit application from the customer and in processing the credit application the customer consents that Freestyle Group may make enquiries of credit reference agencies or other sources, who may keep a record of Freestyle Group enquiry, and that Freestyle group may use any information obtained for the purposes of risk assessment, fraud prevention and for occasional debt tracing.
1.3 The rights and obligations of the customer under this agreement shall be personal and shall not be assignable without the express consent of Freestyle Group.
1.4. All written, telephonic, electronic or media quotes and invoices are subject to all terms and conditions as stated here.

2.1 The agreement shall commence on the commencement date and shall continue unless terminated in accordance with this agreement.
2.2 The service shall commence with effect from the date agreed between the parties.
2.3 The hire period is bespoke and is negotiated individually with each customer.
2.4 Freestyle Group will collect the skip at the end of the negotiated period payment is refused.  Any waste occupying such a skip that is unpaid will be dumped where such a skip is picked up. 
2.5. Non payment will be met with immediate legal action and collection procedures.

3.1 The charge per skip is based on size and is calculated at order stage.  Payment is required when the skip is picked up for removal.
3.2 Proof of delivery is the delivery note issued on delivery of the skip on site.
3.3. Daily, weekly and monthly contract is available.

4.1 Freestyle Group shall have the right to increase the charge at any time to take account of any variation in Freestyle Group costs including (but not limited to) variation in wages, disposal costs, administration costs, cost of materials and equipment, fuel costs, taxes, duties and cost of compliance with relevant legislation.Freestyle Group shall endeavour to give the customer not less than one calendar month’s notice of any variation of the charge under this clause, but notwithstanding this the customer shall be liable to pay any increase from the date specified in the notice.
4.2. Rental charges is quoted and charged according to the size of the skip as well as the time period required.
4.3. Rental charges is charged for extended times longer than the standard 'skip on site'' allowance.
4.4. Additional charges will be charged for contents as may
 be levelled by City councils from time to time.

5.1 The equipment shall be delivered to the site in the quantity specified on order.
5.2 The customer shall provide suitable access to the site, a suitable area for siting the equipment and suitable facilities for turning the vehicle round. Skips delivered may NOT be moved.
5.3 The driver of the vehicle may in his absolute discretion refuse delivery if he believes that access to the collection site or turning facilities are unsafe or likely to cause damage to the vehicle or if there is any reason to believe that the proposed area for siting the equipment is unsuitable. In this case, a wasted journey cost will be charged.
5.4 Subject to Clause 9.2, the customer shall be responsible for the safety of any person (including the employees and agents of Freestyle Group whilst on or about the site.
5.5 Freestyle group will not deliver or remove a skip that is enclosed or to be lifted over and obstacle.

6.1 Without prejudice Freestyle Group shall have no liability for any delay or default in the provision of the service caused directly or indirectly by breakdown or unavailability of equipment or vehicles, inability to obtain labour or any other causes beyond RBWS’s reasonable control.

7.0 RISK
7.1 Risk of any loss or damage to the equipment shall pass to and remain with the customer from the time when the equipment first arrives at the site, except where the loss or damage arises from the negligence or wilful default of Freestyle Group, its employees, agents or subcontractors.

8.1 The customer shall at all times allow Freestyle group, its employees or agents access to the equipment to empty or replace it and on the termination to remove it from the site.
8.2 All waste deposited in the equipment shall become the property of Freestyle Group from the time when Freestyle group empties or replaces the equipment PROVIDED THAT this clause shall not absolve the customer from any liability or responsibility in relation to the waste.

9.1 The customer will conform to any statutory enactments and regulations and bye-laws and regulations of local or other statutory authorities which apply to the equipment.
9.2 The customer shall not:
9.2.1 overload or overfill the equipment, past the rim of the skip; or
9.2.2 set fire to the contents within the skip ; or
9.2.3 interfere with the mechanism of the equipment; or
9.2.4 add or attach to the equipment any painting, sign, writing, lettering or advertising.
9.3 All equipment provided shall remain the property of Freestyle Group and the customer will have no rights to the equipment. The equipment must only be used by the customer and must be kept at the site. The customer shall have no right of lien over the equipment.
9.4 The customer has agreed that the equipment is suitable to contain and transport the waste in the quantities specified. Freestyle Group relies on the customer’s advice as to the quantity and weight of waste involved in the provision of the service.
9.10 Freestyle group equipment is set to certain limits in conjunction with skip size and tonnage. If a skip is overloaded, Freestyle Group will unload contents up to and until the overload is corrected and the skip can be loaded for removal. Freestyle Group is not liable to remove such off-loaded contents.
9.11 The customer will NOT fill the skip with any of the following contents:
a. Electrical appliances or equipment,
b. Gas Cylinders or scuba cylinders,
c. Any materials containing Asbestos,
d. Any batteries,
e. Paints, solvents, liquids or fuels,
f. Medical waste. Human or animal remains,
g. Tyres